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Retirement Warriors represents those in their retirement years who have much to offer and are on a determined journey to make their life in retirement as best as it can be.  

They are joining this community to connect with others from around the world in real-time and in live conversations to discuss their journey and discover interesting ways to continue earning income during the long time they expect to be in retirement.    

As we are now dealing with a flu pandemic, what better way to alleviate the isolation and loneliness we face by connecting with like-minded others.  Here you can discover new ways to uncover job leads, find an avocation, pursue a hobby or a special cause. 

Our mission to help you steer your journey towards goals that bring happiness, fulfillment and validate the purpose you want to enjoy in your golden years. 

We will provide the information, resources, connections and valuable support in this community so we can all move forward together.

Let's face it - the transition into retirement is a huge turning point.  On one hand, we have complete freedom from the demands of working where you are required to report to someone, meet deadlines, put in long hours, commute and all the other related obligations.  

Although all that pressure is wiped away when you reach your retirement years, you are left with no plan about what you should do with all your extra time.  It's common we get bored.  Many realize they need to earn some extra money.  While others are searching for something new and exciting to engage in again.

There is plenty of financial support being offered but not so much in terms of dealing with life changes. You begin to recognize that you need to discover a new path that will help you remain vital and relevant.  To reinvent yourself becomes more clear when you consider what is expected to be many years of living in retirement.   

The process of reinvention, however, often isn’t easy. Change is hard.  It takes time, reflection and research to understand what is happening, not just feel threatened and react.

As health issues may pop up and shifting family dynamics spur changes in relationships with spouses, lovers, children, and parents, we naturally begin to more deeply ponder our purpose and our values.  It takes careful evaluation and consideration of all your options to make the best decisions.  

Even as we age out of certain roles, we have much left to give and we still have ample time, energy, and desire to stay in the game.  But reinvention isn’t about just staying alive; it’s about making the extra years count. It’s about re-launching our life in a way that makes us smile.

At this important period, you have a lifetime of experience to take stock of what is important, and dismiss what isn’t.  By being an active member of this community with all the support and inspiration offered, you will have the opportunity to finally figure out how to become what you want to be and get on a path to make the most of your retirement years. 

I encourage you to explore this community and consider all the benefits of becoming an active member.  As a shared community, we learn together and we move forward together.  We are invested in supporting you to reach the goals you set for yourself and stay with you as you do.

About Me

I am deep into my retirement years.  I made the transition with the plan to continue working as long as I can.  I firmly believe that no matter what direction you take, you should truly enjoy what you do.  I am now more involved and excited about what I'm doing than ever before.  You too can find that sweet spot and experience the reward enjoyment of taking control to become what you were meant to be.    

I am drawing on my 12-year role in executive career management I enjoyed in the field of corporate outplacement work I did in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Previous to that,  I worked as an Account Executive with advertising agencies in Los Angeles and also running my own service business for many years before deciding to return to coaching.  

To return to coaching required devoting all my spare time researching, taking courses and developing plans to reinvent myself as a Transition Life Coach.  I have the business, coaching and transition experience to serve as your role model to take you through this process.  I have drawn on all my experience to make this Retirement Warriors community the most supportive platform it can be for you to get the most out of your retirement years.

It is here where we can have open and candid conversations about what we want to achieve.  It is a place to learn, receive support and provide support to other members as we explore ways to earn money and still have time for leisure activities.  

I want everyone to discover many more attractive options you may not be considering by sharing your thinking with us so we can brainstorm ideas for you to consider.  This community and the programs offered will help open your horizons and clarify the direction you want to take. 

I am dedicating the rest of my working life to help you make the most of your's.  I look forward to how your support and contributions here can help make this community a wonderful experience for all.     

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